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By: Leonard Gettz
In a room where everyone is a sales person, it's a very popular habit to go PROSPECTING or SOLICITING in a networking event. Yes it's true, business IS about sales but please remember that NOBODY likes being sold to.  Think about it... when you go to a mixer, do you bring your checkbook with you expecting to meet someone to sell you a gym membership or a nice watch or a mortgage?  Fact is-  everything around us is a sales pitch or a commercial.  People are so tired of being PITCHED to that it's a complete TURN-OFF. And when you're in a room with people who are committed to seeking out true business friendships, your real objective should be GETTING TO KNOW PEOPLE and letting them know about you as a PERSON, THEN A PROFESSIONAL.    

Bridging Healthy Alliances is the Key to Success

If you feel you are not getting ANY SALES ACTION out of business networking, it's probably because  YOU'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO SOLICIT people when you network.  A business event or a trade show is the opportunity stay connected with the business world by meeting new people from every industry- and it's also an opportunity to let them to know all about you. Everyone in the room is there looking for something special out of a new connection.  One thing is for sure, they're certainly not looking to get railed by a self-promoting salesman hunting around for a new client.
So WHAT IS a network?
When you're out there meeting and greeting people, you're looking to form  your own BOND with a trusted circle of allies; your preferred list of connections that you have a special regard for or people that you've spent some time to learn about.  Few and far between, each member of your network is someone you found and said- "hey, I really like this person".  Some grow to become business partners, hired contractors or a conduit to other people.  You can also form personal friendships  - in other words, a network is your INNER CIRCLE. 

TRUE NETWORKING is about building GENUINE BRIDGES and ALLIANCES based on solid common grounds.  Business is exactly like life where TRUE FRIENDSHIPS are about respect and trust and a genuine care for exchanging support and mutual growth.  IN other words, you cannot fake friendships in life... or in business.

Someone once said that in networking, you HAVE TO GIVE TO GET.  That's a great line to remember- especially for those who think about business connecting to be only about GETTING. Making friends is not about seeing what you can take from someone... it's about seeking out like-minded camaraderie to grow with and to share your strengths.
The second half of business relationships is THE GIFT OF GIVING -- not about presents but earning the chance to be recognized for providing a helping hand or sharing good advice - where giving of yourself brings some of the most amazing rewards for you and your credibility. When you give or share something to someone- especially in business, it actually increases your VALUE to that person and those around them;  it helps people get a true sense of who you are and what you are about.  Giving your time, your energy or information to someone in your alliance builds your reputation as a knowledgeable leader and someone who is always there to respond.  THOSE are positive qualities that everyone will respect and remember about you when a referral opportunity arises.

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