Tuesday, February 11, 2014


As part of the "getting noticed" race, BLOGS WORK BOTH WAYS.  For the writer, it's a way to showcase your expertise- or your rants.  But for the COMMENTERS... it's an even better way to get seen, recognized and get pushed in search engines.

TIP #1: On a business level, your USER NAME AND TITLE can be a big SEO tool if you use it correctly.  Here (right), "Steven Markowitz, NY Divorce Attorney" combines his name with his job.  What that does for search engines is that each time Steven makes a comment in someone's blog, this combination of words in that order becomes a routine term that search engines recognize.  Each use of this user name associates his name with his profession that eventually, (with repeated blog commenting) someone will type "Divorce Attorney, NY" in Google and Steven Markowitz has a great chance of appearing from that search.  This is another way that ALGORITHMS are created.

How's that for free SEO?

Another great reason to comment on a blog is that your responses invite dialogue with others and it drives connectivity.  You never know who's out there commenting and reading, but your opinions also identify your views and expertise.  So to be OPINIONATED and SOCIALLY CHATTY  pays off when you read blogs and write on them.

Just like Facebook, LIKING is a good and quick way to be a part of a blog article.  It allows you to become part of the social exchange between everyone who has an opinion about that topic.  As COMMENTS are a great way to get seen, a simple LIKE can go a long way also.  With videos, it's about "SUBSCRIBE".  With Twitter, it's about "FOLLOW".  Pinterest is the PIN... and so on!

So become part of a community online- there's lots and lots of them. For every help tool and every product review or just a general opinions blog, there's a community for everyone.  I invite you to comment on any and ALL blogs... especially MINE.  And if you want to be a star in the world's biggest search engine, just remember... BLOGSPOT IS GOOGLE!  Go BLOG!  Go COMMENT!  Go LIKE!

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